Friday, November 9, 2007

Fall Music

Looking for some good fall/wintry music to get you through the shorter days? Forget all the new Pop music coming out - fall is a darker time; the cold slowly approaches and the once familiar landscape begins to take on a skeletal appearance. Yeah! Nothing is more perfect than Morton Feldman's meditation, Rothka Chapel. Best described as minimal choral music, its worth checking out and best listened to alone with headphones on. I advise downloading track one, titled Rothka Chapel 1 from either iTunes or Amazon.

Not quite in the pensive mood for Feldman? Then check out Yagya, a minimal techno producer from Iceland. Don't let the album cover throw you off - this album is anything but the sharp, cold feelings the art suggests. This album is soft, sweet and full of great rhythmic beats. Rhythm of Snow is perfect for long cold nights. This album remains one of my all time favorite ambient albums as it conjures all the good feelings associate with snow(laying in a thick down comforter while watching snow fall peacefully outside) rather than the bad ones(frostbitten toes). Check out track eight, appropriately titled "Snowflake 8".

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