Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fabric 36 - Ricardo Villalobos

The 36th volume for the popular Fabric mix series is by Ricardo Villalobos. It's a bit unique in that every track is produced by him and then mixed into an album. Similar to Richie Hawtin's minimal DE9 and Transitions, this album is sparse, multi-layered and takes quite a bit of patience. The Chilean/German DJ had a few interesting comments to say about his influences and love for percussion:

“I started to play conga and bongos; I was listening to percussive and South American music at the time. In a way, the electronic music we listen to when we dance is very similar to African and South American percussion music. On one hand, you have the percussion, like Samba, where people are dancing for hours and days – it’s the same rules and ideas behind techno: to make people go crazy, lose their realities, let go. This is happening with percussive music. It was a clear path, or it was a normal consequence, to go from acoustic percussive music to electronic percussive music. All my knowledge I have about percussion, I put into electronic music of course. When I was a kid, I was very often in situations with percussion sessions, for hours, the whole night. My parents had friends that owned concert agencies so we heard so many Southern American musicians and sessions. I was just a little kid, always looking on and recognising something that was making people dance. This has always really fascinated me. As a musician, you are searching for that your whole life. I’m constantly on a search for the truth about the dance floor - why do people dance, what’s the secret behind it.” – Ricardo Villalobos

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